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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cansada del camino

Next week is finals week. Typically the week before finals is known as "dead week" because homework is limited, and the majority of class time is a review of the semester's materials. That hasn't been the case for me. My first class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday was canceled all week because we are to instead, meet with the professor individual for oral tests. So that was blessing. I had a test on Tuesday, a group paper due Thursday, and a portfolio due today for Dr. Jolly (which he decided TODAY to allow us to keep for finals-review). Finally, here I sit in the foreign language lab, waiting to take a Spanish oral exam. Then I'm done for the day! Of course that only means that I will likely be in my room at my desk the entirety of the night. My hardest day of finals is conveniently Monday. I also have a paper due Tuesday that I haven’t started (for obvious reasons.)
I’m tired. I’m anxiously awaiting the rest that Christmas break will bountifully provide. Whew.

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