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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Early Monday morning Jessie and I drove to our sister's house in Fishers to stay and watch our niece for two days. She is a super cute baby and I love her mucho, but.. she spits up all the time. Like.. all the time. Jessie started to notice that she spits up the most for me, so after I fed her, Jessie would burp her.. and she would spit less. It's really gross, but I let it slide usually because she is super cute, and I love holding her, and she is just a baby. As Jessie and I were leaving last night, Leah was kissing my face and she spit up. Orange. Smelly. On my face. It's a little funnier today, but won't ever be as funny for me as it was for Jessie and Joni. She is a funny baby... and I love her mucho.
Here is a video of Leah in her jumperoo. She loves this thing! She is getting so big, and can finally reach the floor on her own!

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