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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

WOWIE! Christmas break feels so good!

WOWIE. Christmas break feels so good. Mmm. Love it!  I have alot to write about, but I'll start with this: Christmas cookies!!  I've actually done this twice, I passed 6 hours in my kitchen on Christmas Eve baking my Dulce de Tres Leches cake, Reesie's Piecies cookies, and baking and icing sugar cookies.  But on Monday, I had Ashton and Elli over to help!  Elli wasn't as interested, but did join us for icing the first batch of sugar cookies.  Ashton was hilarious.. and I couldn't keep his hands out of the dough (oh well!).  Ashton's birthday is 12.21 and Elli's is 12.29, so they had a birthday party at the church on Friday.  I cannot believe Ashton is 7 now.. then there are days when I'm like.. "Little dude, when did you grow up??"

Here they are with sprinkles on a plate.. I mean the cookies they beautifully decorated!!
These kids are so cute.. I love them!

Also, here is the dulce de tres leches cake.  It's a Spanish cake that I learned how to make this summer while traveling with Geovanni & Christine, and George & Sheree.  I have made it for two family gatherings, and Spanish class, and it's been very popular!  So.. I guess it's "what I do now" and I may consider making another for a New Years Eve party. 

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