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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vacation! Vacation!

WOWIE. Christmas break feels so good. Mmm. Love it! There is just something about being home... and not in class! One night, I slept 14 hours! My family's reaction: Don't you have a headache?!? I felt like a million bucks! Friday evening Jessie and I went to FIshers to babysit my niece Leah while Jeff & Joni were at her law firm's Christmas party, then Saturday night they brought her to our house, while they went to a banquet. So I had quality Leah time all weekend!

I have already worked 3 full days in the office. There has been alot to do, but it is so much more relaxed (than when the students are around.) I took today off so that I could start my Christmas shopping. I had plans to go to Ft. Wayne with Jessie, and my friends Andrea and Krista, but Mother Nature had other plans, and the roads are pretty slick - so we will try again tomorrow. Today.. my intentions are to read a book, finish my Christmas list, clean my room, do some laundry... and maybe go to the gym after lunch.

Did you see the finale of The Biggest Loser last night? It was incredible. The 16 contestants lost between 20% and 45% of their body weight! Everyone looked so good. I can't wait until season 7 premiers on January 6th. The preview looked really good - it's going to be an interesting season! Also, LOST premieres on January 21st. Wowie.. I've been waiting for Lost to return since May! Unfortunately season 5 returns without my favorite character.. Jin Soo Kwon. How terrible. However, in a flashforward at the conclusion of season 4, Sun Kwon is seen with a baby.. so I am excited about that.

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