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Saturday, January 03, 2009


My older sister Joni bought me lots of scrapbooking things (stickers, paper, embellishments, asian-printed cardstock...) for Christmas and I have really really enjoyed FINALLY making my Cambodia scrapbook.  Dad thinks the time I have spent is absolutely ridiculous -- whatever Dad.  I've enjoyed reminiscing... remember funny or touching moments that I had forgotten.  I have also begun re-reading my journal, and I am so excited to return to Phnom Penh in four months.  To return to familiar faces like Chamnol, Tess, Vandy, Pholla, and Theavy; to worship again in Kratie, Kampong Speu, and Siem Reap; and re-visit Angkor Wat, A New Life Wesleyan Church, Freedom Hotel, and the WBI.  Cambodia 2008 was an incredible experience, and I am thrilled about another opportunity to return.
Anyways... I move back to IWU tomorrow and I know I am going to be very busy again soon, but I will continue working on my scrapbook.  It isn't something I can start and not finish.
I'm not ready to start classes and schoolwork, but I do find hope in the truth that the beginning of the semester is much easier and less stressful than the last few weeks.

Painting Pastor Vandy's nails at Freedom Hotel in Siem Reap
(Khmer men usually do NOT paint their nails, but with an American girl's prompting (and assistance).. Chamnol and Vandy were both willing!)

Our team with missionary Tiffany, Pastors Chamnol and Vandy, and
three actors at the Cultural Village in Siem Reap.

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