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Monday, January 19, 2009

2nd semester :: Sophomore year

I am just realizing that when this semester is over.. I am halfway through college. HALFWAY. I have grown and I have learned alot, but where will I be in two or two-and-a-half years? I don't even know where to look.
Classes are going well -- as well as they can when I would rather be doing many other things. I'm taking badminton at 8:20 twice a week. I have been forcing myself out of bed at 7:30 to bike 4 or 5 miles before class. Badminton ends at midterms, so it will be nice to have those extra hours in the morning, but I would like to continue my routine at the gym - probably extended hours there.
I'm taking economics from Ivan Pongrasik, a late-60s man from Yugoslavia. I haven't heard him say a good word about America, but I imagine he is happier here than in communist Yugoslavia. Thus far it has been a class of lectures based upon his opinions and predictions of our soon-to-be-doomed nation via the poor economy, via our corrupt government.
I am taking Intercultural Relationships with Dr. Jolly Beyioku, a middle-aged man from Nigeria. Last semester I had him for Nonprofit Essentials Management, and I'm enjoying Intercultural Relationships much more.  Like, I can read my two INT220 books for enjoyment!  These are things that I WANT to apply to my life.
Of course, I'm still continuing Spanish with "Conversation and Composition".  Last semester was the best Spanish semester of my life, (next to soph & jr year with Sra Swan in high school ;D) and it's been difficult to adjust to a new prof.  Profe M last semester was increíble and he really cared about me.. and this semester is different.  I'm working really really hard to advance my Spanish, and looking for an opportunity in the community to be involved with Spanish speakers.
Another class I am really enjoying is Inductive Bible Study with Dr. Lennox.  I have learned so much, and I never thought I could make thirty observations from one verse of Scripture.  
Finally... Dr. Pettis. =)  I love that man.  He is my Intercultural Studies advisor, and I have had him every semester.  This semester I am taking Theoretical and Theological Foundations of Cross-Cultural Leadership.  It is a bigger class than I am used to having with Dr. P, but it's good.


Deven said...

Awwww. Thanks for the bloggy shout-out. :) It made me feel so special. You were always a superb student.

I'm so thrilled you're advancing with your Spanish. Lemme know what kind of chances you get to use it, because that's something I struggle with.

Keetha said...

Sounds like you are one busy gal!!!

Hey - - - you can always use the Spanish at LaChar - - - doesn't THAT count???

Jewel said...

Deven, a professor and I have discussed volunteering at St. Martin's. Two of the "big wigs" for the clinic, which runs only two evenings a week (I think), attend my church and have mentioned to me that they could really use some help translating.

Keetha, I do love La Chas muy muy mucho, but I've found it hard to leave campus and pay for a meal when at the end of the semester I will have so many paid meals uneaten. But if you want to take me to dinner... (haha just kidding!) ALTHOUGH did I mention I have extra meals at yummy Baldwin? haha.