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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Loren Dearth:

I thought she was the answer to my prayers - a prayer I had not yet even prayed. If you follow my blog, you should know that I am leading an IWU World Impact team to Cambodia in May. We are leaving together on May 1, and after my team leaves on the 23rd, I will remain in Phnom Penh on an internship until June 13th. Although the missionaries, Greg and Resie Fernandez, will remain - I will feel quite "alone." Well, there was discussion about the possibility of one teammate, Loren - also an Intercultural Studies major, staying with me for internship credit. Her advisor just reviewed her degree audit, and decided that she is not far enough in the program, and therefore not ready for an internship. Being rather nervous about three weeks of "flying solo", I'm rather disappointed. I will be stretched - and it will be a big leap of faith. I'm a little unsure of what my emotions will do to me in the 4th, 5th, and 6th week of the trip. ALSO, I'm rather nervous about the 12-hour layover which finds me in Seoul, South Korea at 2:00am. I've experienced enough to know that God is big and God is good and God is faithful, BUT my human nature says "I don't want things to be hard!" and I feel like they're going to be...

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