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Monday, February 09, 2009

Love is in the air! लव इस इन थे एयर!

Saturday was beautiful and today has been absolutely gorgeous! I love it. The snow has been very pretty, but I am ready for the warmth and colors that come with Spring. I love walking across campus and seeing everyone outside studying, playing frisbee, or walking the slack line! I haven't seen it yet this semester, but this weekend has given me hope that I WILL live to see it!

This post in Hindi (for all my international readers ;D ): सतुरदय वास बेऔतिफुल एंड टुडे हस बीन अब्सोलुतेल्य गोर्गेओउस! इ लव आईटी! थे स्नो हस बीन वैरी प्रेत्टी, बुत इ ऍम रेडी फॉर थे वार्मथ एंड कोलोर्स ठाट काम विथ स्प्रिंग। इ लव वाल्किंग आक्रोस कैम्पस एंड सींग एवेय्रोने ओउत्सिदे रीडिंग, और प्लेयिंग फ्रिस्बी, और वाल्किंग थे स्लैक लाइन। इ हवें'टी सीन आईटी येत थिस सेमेस्टर, बुत थिस वीकएंड हस गिवें में होप ठाट इ विल लाइव तो सी आईटी सून!


Keetha said...

Jewel - - - don't get excited about spring yet - - - this is still February, do I need to remind you that spring doesn't come until March - - - MID MARCH!?!

This weather is just a big teaser - - - I predict we have more snow before spring actually arrives.

Jewel said...


Don't remind me!!

Joni said...

I am with you Jewel! I have my windows open in my office today and have been listening to the birds chirp all day. I cannot wait until I can open all of the windows in the house and CLEAN!

And as a side note -- Keetha, those negative comments should not be posted, ha-ha. I am not looking forward to it, but I think you may be right. :(