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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

At the President's House

With the amazing hospitality of President and Mrs. Smith, I threw a Superbowl party at their house on Sunday.  I arrived at 5:30 to help Mrs. Smith set out all the food, and light 30 various candles around the "guest area"; then guests started arriving shortly before the game started.  I had eight friends there, and those friends brought other friends - so there were 22 of us total, including the Smiths.  My friend Bonaventure Dusabimana came and I tried to help him understood the rules of "this American game."  Chaiwon Chang (S. Korean pictured above) came, and after talking with the President and then being invited to a luncheon for a potential IWU-Korean Nazarene University student exchange program, Chaiwon was offered a job the very next day - so he is very glad that he came to my party!  I was really glad that my friends Philip and Jay came (Phil in grey; Jay #7).  ALSO, my cousin Hannah called me randomly Saturday night we she ended up going to church with me, then we went out for lunch, and she came to the party as well.  She is also from Gas City, but goes to college an hour away - so I haven't seen her since the summer, and we haven't hung out like that in years!
Everyone was really into the game, and the crowd was split pretty 50/50 as far as cheering went, so every play there were people cheering.  I was surprised that President and Mrs. Smith gave a few hoots and hollers too!  I wasn't sure what to expect, being at the President's house, but everyone was comfortable and it was so much fun!


Jade said...

Sounds like a blast! How did you go about setting that up?!

Jewel said...

Well, I emailed Mrs. Smith and asked her if she would be willing to host a party! haha. It was part of a fundraiser for our Cambodia team. We sold candybars and invitations to the party.