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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Wednesday morning started right..

Every Wednesday morning at 5:40 I pull myself out of bed to go on a prayer walk with Umfundisi. Each Wednesday 20+ students gather below the Dean of the Chapel's Office at 6:30 to commence our time of prayer. Due to the unfortunate seasonal weather, we have been confined inside the buildings for quite some time. This morning was warm enough to travel the side walks and footpaths, praying over the buildings and residencies, and for the community -- but alas, it was pouring rain. We broke off individually or in pairs this morning for 30 minutes to pray over a list of specific requests - one being a series of 1000+ interviews conducted today, on our campus, for Meijer's. The needs in Marion are huge, and I wish everyone could have the opportunity for a job and a salary, but alas (word officially used twice in this blog, and three times in my life).. this cannot be. Among other things, we also prayed over the Offices of Life Calling and Leadership, who are collecting gently used Bibles to send to Zambia, where maybe 8 or 10 (??) IWU students are studying abroad, and have expressed concern for a need of Bibles in the area. (You can follow the IWU Zambia blog here). 5:40am arrives so early, but I have realized that it is the best way to start a day, and I'm praying for the motivation and commitment to do this on my own each day, as I began to do last semester -- and DID do for a incredible 4 weeks! Waking up at 6am to spend 90 minutes in prayer, worship, Bible reading, and journaling.
Anyways.. it's time for class! More to follow...

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