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Thursday, August 20, 2009

As promised, those flying photos!

Here are those pictures I'm known for!!
It's a way to put a person in a picture, show a beautiful landscape/background, and not be boring!

Years ago on Christmas Day at my cousins' in Ohio

Pride in the beautiful wall my sister & I just painted!

With my girls on a road in Cambodia

With those same girls I love at Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Hannah, Ashton, Loren and Angela jumping in!

My sister on Daytona Beach; I love her shadow!

Showing off the beautiful landscape in the Dominican Republic

Pastor Arun, Pastor Vandy, and Chamnol making a good attempt at Angkor Wat! This picture is one of my favorites; makes me so happy!

Enjoy the carribean sun in the Dominican Republic

The picture that initiated this post! Taken in Mackinaw City

Andrew jumping in; makes me laugh!

Continue following my blog and I'm sure you will see more (esp. as I travel)!!!


Keetha Broyles said...

Maybe you should all star in High School Musical.

Jewel said...

HSM huh? No thanks. ;)

Jessie Reed said...

Andrew's is one of my favs :)
I like the wall in Baraboo too!
Leah will be doing these soon!