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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mackinaw Island: Day 2

We spent Wednesday on Mackinaw Island itself. We took the 9:00 boat to the island, and crossed again to Mackinaw City just before dinner. We sat on the roof of the ferry boat, and the wind was frigid! It was interesting.. I had never been on a cold vacation before, but around noon I was ready to take off my sweatshirt.

Two Arnold ferries ready to board passengers and cross Lake Huron to Mackinaw Island

Here I am faking a decent smile! (Meanwhile, miserably cold!)

Dad and Mom, both dressed in Colts blue!

Approaching the island (notice lighthouse)

The Mackinaw Island southern harbor

On the island, we did a few different things. We took a carriage tour through town and through Mackinaw State Park, then back through town. It wasn't cheap, but it was worth the dollars! We wouldn't have seen half of it if we decided to go only by foot or bike, and we wouldn't have known what anything was! It was hard to know what was inhabited by Mackinaw citizens, or what was a tourist spot, but despite the crowds of vacationers, it was clear the citizens live the simple life that I love! Absolutely no motorized vehicles are allowed on the island (with exception of emergency vehicles), mail is delivered only 3 times weekly and must be picked up at the post office, and no franchises are permitted to move to the island.

Bike rentals!
Getting toward the edge of town. If I remember, these 2 carriages are taxis.
The first carriage we took through downtown.

Rock candy!

The arch rock in Mackinaw State Park

A view of the coast below
Mackinaw Island is very sacred land for Native Americans; these woods are full of legends!

Little Stone Church
to be continued as we spend the afternoon at The Grand Hotel..


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

My best friend and her husband honeymooned here and then revisited on their 25th. I honestly did not know it was this gorgeous.

And yes, that little board keeps Zoe in her place. For some reason, she has never jumped like other Yorkies do. She cannot get from the floor to the sofa, but she can from the sofa to the floor. So she has to be lifted everywhere. Nobody believes it, but she's never jumped the border. Never even attempted it.

Keetha Broyles said...

It really is gorgeous there. I hope you are enjoying it.