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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mackinaw Island 3: The Grand Hotel

Last week, my sister, parents, and I went on a short 3-day vacation to Mackinaw City, and we visited the island on the 2nd day. After our horse-drawn carriage tour around the island and through Mackinaw State Park, we were dropped off at the Grand Hotel. It was quite the extravangant experience, and a little more classy than anything I have ever known! Entrance into the hotel was $10 alone! We toured a small art gallery while we waited for the upstairs dinning hall to open. The buffet was $30/adult and my stomach had a hard time digesting the price, but my parents kept convincing me, "It's ok.. it's vacation!" I don't know.. I kept thinking about my friends in Kratie [Cambodia], and the treat it was when I took them to U-Hong Restaraunt. *4 of us ate for $15.*

Delicious salad sprinkled with walnuts, pecans, and almonds! (I love nuts!)

Jessie's 1st plate (the roastbeef was a little too pink!)

My sister's dessert plate. I had raspberry cheesecake & the best oatmeal/raisen cookies ever!

Fabulous 60s fine-class dining!

and a beautiful bathroom!

After all the excitement of dinner and the carriage tour, it was time to relax!

Mom and I sat in 2 of the 75 rocking chairs along this lengthy covered porch,

while Jessie and Dad played a rousing game of life-size chess

After this we went outside, and enjoyed the scenery and beautiful weather.

We played bocce ball

and croquet!

Then perused the flower gardens!

Despite my angry feelings at the start of the cold and bitter morning, it was a fabulous day!


Keetha Broyles said...

Did you spend the night, or just eat the food?

It is lovely and I'd like to visit sometime too.

Jewel said...

We just ate the food of course! We actually stayed at a local hotel in Mackinaw City, not on the island.