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Friday, August 14, 2009

Makinaw Island: Day 1

I title this post 1 because I predict I will probably have a couple vacation posts. Not nearly as many as Keetha, but potentially more than 1 or 2!
Tuesday morning I left with Jessie and our parents and we drove to Mackinaw City, Michigan. It was about a 6.5-7 hour drive, and with the exception of lunch and 1 rest stop, I slept every minute between our driveway and our hotel! It was wonderful.
We arrived shortly before dinner, and enjoyed our 1st meal at Dixie Saloon. My sister was really bothered by the carvings in the table, because the creavices would be too difficult to sanitize. I agreed to an extent (especially when we saw a family being seated at a table that hadn't been wiped after the last family,) but I wasn't going to completely avoid touching the dinner table!

After our meal we crossed the Mackinaw Bridge to the Upper Peninsula; it is 5 miles long, and supposedly the 3rd largest bridge in the world. Lake Huron was beautiful, and I absolutely love being on the water! We found a beautiful lookout area where I climbed a mound of large rocks, put my toes in the cold water, and sat on a bench gazing my eyes across the horizon, and a long, colorful flower garden. While our parents enjoyed a written history of the bridge in a small shelter nearby, Jessie and I enjoyed the scenery and took lots of pictures.
Later that evening, we enjoyed a round of mini-golf. (A MUST on a Reed family vacation.) It was called Animal Tracks Adventure Golf and each hole had animal tracks to be identified. While I would assume bear tracks, rabbit tracks, moose tracks, and duck tracks look nothing alike, the word bank was no help at all! HA.

Enjoy the pictures and look forward to another post about our adventures on day 2!

THIS is vacation!

I loved how the rocks just off shore cut up the water!

I would have loved to watch the sun set over the water, but nonetheless, the view was gorgeous!

I like how this turned out, considering it was 1 of the few NOT posed!

I really like this one of Jessie!

These jumping pictures are really "my thing"

Our family picture taken by a friendly fellow tourist

This beautiful flower bed extended the whole area; there were dozens of colors and dozens of flower varieties


Keetha Broyles said...

Lovely pictures.

Did they have ANSWERS someplace to the put put animal track quiz? Part of what makes it kinda hard is the lack of any way to make size relevant. Like in that picture you showed - - - the top one makes me think raccoon and the bottom one bear. Bears also have claws, so maybe it's just bear. Now - - - what WAS it?

Jewel said...

Keetha... I have no idea! We wrote down all our answers, then decided it wasn't worth the effort to check them when we got to the clubhouse. All the time you have spent in the Northwoods.. your guess, I am sure, is better than mine!