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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Dream 1 of the Reoccurring Dreams: A Sick Baby Girl, Born in the Bush

So the question is this: "Have you ever had reoccurring dreams?" Yes, yes I have. I will tell you about the first dream, which I had more than four years ago, and I remember it quite vividly.

I was living somewhere in the jungles, or the bush, and I remember it looking much like this
It was so hot, humid actually, and everything was mud and filthy. I was living there, ministering among the villagers, and I was very very pregnant, so my entire family came down to visit me and be there for the birth.

I went into labor and it was very very painful. There was no doctor or nurses, and I remember delivering on my own with no sterile tools or medicines. I was in labor for something like three days, and I woke up sometime later alone in my hut, with my baby laying beside me. It was a small pale-skinned girl, and I was so so upset. Not only did I want a boy, but genetically, my baby should have had darker skin (if you know what I mean.)

I was an absolute mess. I was filthy, hungry, exhausted, emotional, and alone. I called and called for my family, and no one came to my attention. So I carried my baby outside of my hut, and to where my family was staying, and I found them there. It was as if the whole village had gathered to celebrate my delivery. They had roasted chickens, bought choice pops, and were sitting around a bonfire laughing and having a wonderful time.

I was standing there looking quite pitiful, holding my baby, wrapped in a dirty cloth, and my sister Joni asked: "What did you name your baby?" I responded, quite pathetically, "I.. I haven't yet... I thought she was a boy.." and she said, "Well, don't forget to do that" and then turned back around to finish her story to the group, and they continued laughing.

So I went inside my family's hut, hoping to find some soap and water or food, and I found my sister Jessie, sleeping peacefully in a large, soft, beautiful bed (did I mention that I delivered my own baby in the dirt, and woke up in the dirt?) Apparently my sister had also been pregnant, I hadn't known, and she delivered a beautiful, big, healthy, dark-skinned, baby boy, with long, curly dark hair. I was angry, so angry. I turned around, and there was long paper banner hanging on the wall, "Congratulations Jessie and Son".

I left, sobbing, with my tiny, sick baby girl. I sprinted past my family and friends, laughing around the fire, and found myself alone again in the dirt of my hut.

Horrible, I know!!

Make sure you return tomorrow for the sequel...


Keetha Broyles said...

This is not a real dream, you are setting us up for something. I don't think you can dream a birth before you actually give birth.

Jewel said...

I promise it is legit.. just you wait for the sequel!