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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dream 2 of Reoccurring Dreams: After 50 hours and down a father..

After last Wednesday’s Random Dozen, I promised to share two outlandish dreams with you. I shared the first (read HERE), about giving birth to a small, white baby girl in The Bush, without the recognition of my family. I had this second dream maybe a year later, almost equally ridiculous, but eerily similar. I gladly welcome anyone’s attempts to interpret these dreams. HA

Again, I’m pregnant. I was happily married and we were expecting our first child, a boy. My pregnancy had been problem-free, and everything looked great. I went into labor the exact date that the baby was expected, and we rushed to Marion General Hospital, only 20 minutes from home. Then it all began.

After 50 (fifty) hours of hard labor, the doctors decided to do an ultra-sound to check the position of the baby. They realized the baby was in fact not a boy, but a girl. We had really really wanted a boy, but I was emotionless – I didn’t have the energy to feel anything. My husband, Micah, however, was outraged. Micah left me, right then and right there; and he didn’t just leave the hospital, he had no intentions of being in our home when I arrived home with our baby girl.

Apparently the baby had crawled back up the birth canal, and the doctors encouraged me to take a couple laps around a nearby park to lower the baby. No big deal, right? …It had only been 50 hours of hard labor, and my husband did just leave me. So I left, still in my hospital gown, and was ecstatic to find my family still in the waiting room. I expressed my appreciation to them, and my brother was like “Whatever, we have only been here 2 hours.” Two hours? I thought that was strange, I had been there for 50 hours, why did they only arrive 2 hours ago? So I asked, “So, would anyone mind joining me for a short walk around the park? The doctors…”

I was quickly interrupted by my mother who rudely denied my request and informed me that my sister had just delivered a baby. “Why did you think we were here?” She asked. “Jessie went into labor two hours ago, and your beautiful nephew was born just 5 minutes ago. Only two hours!! She is so strong!! Isn’t that wonderful?

She had done it AGAIN. Previous to two hours before, no one was even aware that my sister was pregnant before marriage. Then she slides right in; and quickly and easily, she has a perfect baby boy, while I’m pushing and pushing and pushing, and 50 hours later my family has only decreased in size.



sara said...

no clue.....however highly entertaining!!

2Thinks said...

Well, for someone who has seen three decades, but is not 30- anything seems possible.

As for my excuse for shopping late- pure anxiety- will I overspend, will I get everyone equal # of gifts and spend approx. the same on each, will anyone like anything I get them, will I regret spending so much the day after, will my husband kill me for overspending. Again. You know. That kind of thing.

Christmas = pressure. Jesus should be the reason for the season. Should be.

Joni said...

I am just glad that Jessie continues to be the horrific sister (although I can't say much for the rest of us if we keep ditching you). A gal in my office has one of those dream intrepretation books if you would like me to borrow it :).