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Friday, November 06, 2009

Happy Friday and Friday's Fave. Five!

Happy “Friday’s Fave Five” blog, hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story. Click on the linky to see what 5 things other bloggers found pleasurable this week!

1. A beautiful new bracelet made be oppressed women in Kenya
I bought this beautifully beaded bracelet yesterday from my friend Kat who spent her summer in Kenya, ministering in an orphanage and among oppressed women. She is selling these bracelets, made by the women, to provide an even more sustainable income for the women. Often women and young girls are taken from prostitution and are taught trades such as crafting, but the income becomes much less than they were making by selling themselves. So sad. The bracelet was was only $7. How much is the dignity of a women worth?

2. My 8:55 speech class was canceled!
I give this mixed reviews, but I'm listing it anyways because, LET'S BE HONEST, who doesn't get a little excited when a class is canceled? Especially a morning class! However, I had already had a 7:50 class, and didn't know class was canceled until I got to the classroom. AND I spent three hours last night preparing for today's speech -- three hours that I would have rather enjoyed sleeping. BUT, I will enjoy the free hour. :]

3. This short video about Cambodia
I made this short video last night for speech class about Cambodia. Today I was supposed to give an informational speech, and probably no one will be surprised that I chose Cambodia. It's only 45 seconds (45 seconds!), so you should watch it! It's simple, but it shows the color and beauty of Cambodia. Cambodia is also full of despair, but it is a beautiful place! If you ever have the opportunity to visit Cambodia, seize it, but it will guarantee a memorably life-changing experience.

4. Love Has a Face by: Michele Perry
My good friend Jennie Telfer graduated from IWU in 2008, and now lives in war-torn Sudan, Africa, working with Michele Perry for Iris Ministries on a compound in the middle of the Bush, where Jennie, Michele, and only a few others care for 93 broken children who have been abused, neglected, sold, recruited by soldiers, etc;. it isn't an orphanage, it is a home, where 93 children know they have a heavenly Father that cares for them. Both Jennie and Michele have incredible stories of God's providing, His love, and His miraculous power. This book is about Michele's story.
Termites for dinner. Bombs in the backyard. A nation torn by decades of war still on the brink. Can one life really make a difference here?
Click HERE to read more about the book.

5. The weekend
Thank goodness it is Friday! This semester has been rough with a difficult course load, and since June, the School of Nursing has been preparing for accreditation, so work has been stee-ress-ful!! Next week's workload is decent, so I won't be overcome by homework this weekend (as I am anticipating for next weekend), and the accreditation team arrives on Monday, so after Friday all of my work should be done (unless, of course, there are necessary changes).
All this to say -- I'm going to enjoy sleeping in Saturday morning, watching movies, and putting up the Christmas in our suite. :] I hope everyone else can enjoy a beautiful and relaxing weekend!!


Karyn said...

It is easy to see your heart for the lost of the world when I read your list of favorites.

My son was in Cambodia for 3 weeks this past summer - with YWAM. They worked with a ministry that cared for street kids. (I do not know the name of the town or city) GREAT job on the video! I'm sure your speech would have been great, too.

That books sounds very interesting. I will have to look for it.

Hope your weekend is full of rest and relaxaation!

Barbara H. said...

Beautiful bracelet! And I always loved when a class was canceled, too. Funny how we pay for these things then are glad when they're canceled. :-) I hope your preparation stays with you til the next session.

I loved seeing the people in the video but the Lord would really have to give me grace to handle Asian music.

That looks like a good book.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Lisa notes... said...

The bracelet is beautiful, and for such a great cause.
I remember getting very excited when classes were canceled. Enjoy.
You did a great job with the Cambodia video!

Susanne said...

I just love reading your heart for suffering women and peoples of the world!

That bracelet is beautiful.

Brenda said...

Love the bracelet, love the clip.

Kari said...

Great 5 Jewel.
And who doesn't love it when a class is canceled. I remember those days.
The bracelet is beautiful and your video is great. I hope to go one day while I'm on this side of the world.
Happy Weekend.

Willow said...

Great Faves this week! I have a necklace from Uganda the sales of which benefitted women in that country.

I will look for that book; maybe my church library has a copy.

I've never been to Cambodia but I lived in Indonesia for many years.