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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My 2nd Theology exam all-nighter...

Here is a quick update on my life since yesterday morning::

- At 8:00am, I realized that I would need to pull an all-nighter to feel confident for my Basic Christian Doctrine exam that would be Wednesday morning at 7:50

- At 3:15pm, I took 1 all-natural Rhodiola supplement to help me concentrate, and drank an 8.5 oz. XS all-natural energy drink

- Following my 9:30 group meeting that followed my World Civilizations exam, I had an Americano with 4 shots of espresso

- At 10:15, I met Kellie and we journeyed to the 4th floor study lounge

- At midnight, I finally decided to change into comfortable clothes

- At 2am, I had an attack of dry eyes and took my contacts out

- At 2:30am, Kellie left and I continued studying alone on the 4th floor

- At 3am, I started writing my Ws like Ms, and my Ms like Ws

- At 3:18am, I attempted calling my friend Song in Cambodia (it was 3:43pm there). It failed. :[

- At 3:21am, assuming my roommate and suitemates would be asleep, I packed all my notes and flashcards and descended 4 flights of stairs (8 really) to my suite

- At 3:47am, I disturbed my sleeping roommate to find blank index cards on my desk

- At 4:23am, I disturbed my roommate again to get clean clothes from the closet

- At 4:26am, I took a quick, cool long, hot shower and was ready to return to my flashcards

- At 5:30am, I was angry and frustrated at so much studying...

- At 5:31am, I had a big bowl of Cheerios

- At 6:00am, I started to feel very sleepy

- At 6:40am, my sister called to make sure that I was awake

- At 6:41am, I checked my email

- At 7:20am, I started getting ready and dressed

- At 7:43am, I left for my 7:50 class

- At 8:05am, a secretary finally decided to show up and proctor our exam

- At 8:57am, it was all over!!

- At 12:34pm, I still haven't slept.

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