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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Channy's Wedding

On Saturday my friend Channy was married. She's Cambodian and married a missionary intern from Washington State. Channy and I are close friends, and I don't know Jeff well, but I know that she is IN LOVE and I'm so happy for her! I wish I could have been there to celebrate with them, but I was able to speak with Channy on the phone earlier in the week and that was so so so special for both of us! Eeeh, I love her and miss her so much! <----- This is a picture of Channa, Channy, and I from this past summer, and these are pictures of her wedding from 12 December 2009::

Bride and Groom

Pastor Titus, Pastor Greg [aka: Baby Bird], and Pastor Vandy

Typical nice restaurant in Cambodia; waiters always bring many drinks to the table and you are charged for the empty cans and bottles

Channy and Jeff cutting the wedding cake that Jeff's parents brought from America. (I don't know how that worked out!)

Channy's sisters Chamraun (blue) and one of my bff's Channa (white)

Flower girls Hannah and Aleeyah, with Esher following behind

Channy and Jeff's parents pouring the sand for the unity bowl

the foot-washing ceremony

Parents: Rev. and Mrs. Kong Kimsan
(Kimsan is the Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church in Cambodia)

Expressing their appreciation to all

Walking down the aisle - Channy and Pa

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