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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Polly and Digory and the Gender Dispute

I think this is so funny. I've heard conversations like this play out quite a few times...

"That's all you know," said Digory. "It's because you're a girl. Girls never want to know anything but gossip and rot about people getting engaged."
"You looked exactly like your Uncle when you said that," said Polly. (*Not a compliment, for Uncle Andrew is a lunatic.*)
"Why can't you keep to the point?" said Digory. "What we're talking about is--"
"How exactly like a man!" said Polly in a very grown-up voice, "And don't say that I'm justlike a woman, or you'll be a beastly copy-cat."
"I should never dream of calling a kid like you a woman," said Digory loftily.
"Oh, I'm a kid, am I?" said Polly who was now in a real rage. "Well you needn't be bothered by having a kid with you any longer then. I'm off. I've had enough of this place. And I've had enough of you too -- you beastly, stuck up, obstinate pig!"

(C.S. Lewis' The Magician's Nephew, pg. 57)

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Andrea said...

I love C. S. Lewis. There are so many life lessons in his books.
Blessings and prayers, andrea