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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Aside from the traditional Christmasy things (Christmas shopping, decorating cookies, Reed fam. Christmas on Christmas Eve...), my Christmas vacation plans are as follows::

1. Sleep until at least 12pm on Thursday, Dec. 17th (day #1!!)

2. Read the following books: The Imitation of Christ (Thomas รก Kempis); The Revolution: A Field Manual for Changing Your World; God is Here (Steve Case); Love has a Face (Michele Perry); Jesus for President (Shane Claiborne); Shine (Newsboys); The Relevant Nation AND the following, which I am hoping will be Christmas gifts: Drop Like Stars (Rob Bell); and Terrify No More (Gary Hauge) -- Yes, that is nine books; and no, I do not know which I will read first.

3. Hang out with friends that I'm too busy to hang out with during the semester. This may include visiting the Stullers who recently moved to Kentucky, and spending some time at my sister and bro-in-law's house with Baby Face, my cute cute cute little niece. (I say 'may' because I haven't discussed this with them, but I know I have an open invitation to visit.)

4. Break my caffeine addiction (because it certainly won't taste as good from home, and I'm certainly not going to Starbucks everyday!)

5. Watch at least 10 movies, including The Obsessed and Blood Diamond. Also, I'm hoping I'll get Marley and Me and The Perfect Storm for Christmas.

6. Establish a few new records on the Wii fit, and run all those miles that I committed to running before the end of 2009.

7. Spend a couple hours on Skype talking to my friends in Cambodia.

8. Sell this semester's textbooks on (making millions) and buying next semester's textbooks on (saving billions).

9. Cook rice.

10. Prepare a message for chapel. (I was asked to be a chapel speaker in January at my old high school -- nervous!)

11. Make it up as I go!


Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Joni said...

Of course you have an open invitation! In fact, our sitter is on vacation between Christmas and New Years, haha!