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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

An early riser with good intentions..

When am I up at 7:00 when my classes don't start until 12:05?

Because on the last day of Spring Break...
...I was only on page 50!

Fifty of four hundred. So, here I am. My book reflection on the Divine Conspiracy isn't due until Thursday but it's a big book... and I'm only on page fifty. Ughhh...

I drug an entire backpack full of homework twenty hours to Texas only to read fifty pages.
Good intentions. That's what they were. Kinda like now..

I woke up five hours early to read the Divine Conspiracy and instead here I am.. blogging.. and talking to a friend in Cambodia.

I'll get it done. I promise.

PS: I wish those seven hair-ties and five bobby-pins that I found in my bed last night had been more hours in the day.. or dollars.. or shots of caffeine that I would have conserved and enjoyed slooowly.

More on that slowly after I finish the last 350 pages of my book.



Andrea said...

Happy reading...
Blessings, andrea

Keetha Broyles said...

I just might have to rub MY spring break in while you're back at school week after next.

Of course, I'm staying home and being a couch potato blogger right here, so that might be a pretty hard sell - - - trying to make you jealous over THAT!!!!

Maybe the Costa Rica trip in April will be grounds for jealousy - - -

Kari said...

Enjoy the book. You'll get it done.