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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Please pray pray pray!!

Please join me in praying for my friend Jade, whom I have written about before. She's been in Uganda since mid-January working towards the adoption of her son Samuel. Here is her blog: In Awe of Your Grace (READ IT!) and HERE I wrote about how her dad was gloriously saved in Uganda one Sunday afternoon and HERE is another blog I wrote about Jade after she found her son.

Jade writes this:
Friday at 2pm (6am EST) we will get our ruling! We desperately need to you believe with us that he will give us the correct ruling, a ruling that the US Embassy will be happy with. This will be another miracle! It honestly feels like all the odds are against us of our ruling being right the first time. We would be the first American’s to get the correct wording by this judge if he does it for us. I am believing with all my heart that he will give us a ruling that the Embassy is happy with. Praise God in advance for what He is going to do Friday! May every word our judge writes for us in our ruling be God inspired! The bigger the mountain the more praise God will get when he CRUSHES it! May we be the first American’s to get the proper ruling by this judge since all this controversy! Amen! Amen! Amen!

Thank you for your prayers! Look what God has done! Please cheerfully claim our AWESOME ruling Friday! It is going to happen and the Lord will get all the glory! May the Lord defeat the devil! He will NOT delay this process! Amen!

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Andrea said...

Continuing to pray with you,