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Monday, October 26, 2009

Mom to Three

The following story should should should be read! It's so sweet. My dear friend Jade wrote this after just returning home from Uganda, where she met her son, Samuel, at Sanyu Babies Home. Cute cute cute. The story made me cry. You might too, even if you don't know Nathan or Jade.

After over 24 hours of traveling, Nathan and I arrived at Entebbee Airport in Kampala, Uganda on October 17th. We were shell shocked and overwhelmed with everything from the speed at which people drive (crazy fast) to the conditions people live in daily. After an hour or so drive we arrived at Sanyu Babies Home. We were greeted by a half dozen eager faced kids at the gate. After settling in later that afternoon and evening we played, fed, changed and tucked in lots of children. It was chaotic, overwhelming and awful all at once. When we lay down to go to sleep that night Nathan and I looked at one another and said, “What are we doing here?”

We wanted to go home. We were scared, felt inadequate, and completely exhausted. We knew one thing…the devil was going to do whatever he could to cause us to second guess our decision to adopt. We prayed and asked Jesus to give us strength, rest, and the right attitude when we woke up.

Sunday morning we woke up feeling refreshed after a full night’s sleep (12 hours actually) and were ready to find our son. God reminded us of everything He had done for us to get to Sanyu. He reminded us of the prayers, the miracles, the donations, and the path that He had laid so clearly. He reminded us that He never promised that it would be an easy road, but that His strength was all that we needed.

Sunday we spent all day with the children. By that evening we had still knew we had not met our son. We were frustrated and felt overwhelmed because we did not know which children were adoptable (a rule there…they want you to bond with the children on your own without knowing if they are available for adoption). I remember praying that night before I went to sleep that God would show me the son He had for us the next day. I believed He would.

And He did. Monday morning we decided to go (the Lord lead us) to the babies’ class at 9:30am (we had not played with the babies yet, only the walkers). The physical therapist asked me to massage some of the babies that needed extra care. Nathan went with me and was asked to help walk a little boy who was behind a bit. His legs were turned in slightly and because of his enlarged belly (from malnutrition) he had trouble walking. While Nathan walked him down the sidewalk several times one of the momma’s (Ugandan woman who helps care for the kids) said to me, “you should adopt Samuel.” She told me about his heartbreaking story and as soon as Nathan brought him into the room I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. I told Nathan about what the momma had said. We played with him for a while, massaged him, and was blown away by his sweet personality and amazing smile.

We loved him and knew he was ours.

Later that day we asked the administrator for permission to adopt him (which was something that I was so scared of doing…I kept asking myself …“how do you ask someone for a child?!”). God filled us with His spirit and we boldly walked into her room and told her that we loved Samuel. After lots of tears…the administrator said yes and gave us his file to take to our lawyer. I cried and cried in thanksgiving to God.

After years of praying, God brought us all the way to Kampala, Uganda to meet our son. He gave us a son that is perfect for us. He gave us a son that is strong and tender all at once. He gave us a fighter and a warrior. He gave us a son with the most brilliant smile and gorgeous eyes. He gave us a son that has changed our lives forever…a son that has opened our eyes to the strength and power of God like we have never seen before.

The rest of the week was spent getting to know Samuel. We went to class with him every morning, fed him, played outside with him, and prayed over him while tucking him in every night. Some of the most amazing times with him were rocking him to sleep, patting his back while he was falling asleep, and giving him the first hot bath he most likely had ever had.

The last day with him was amazing and heartbreaking all at once. I was in tears most of the day, cherishing every moment with him. Nathan prayed over his bed…that God would restore him and give him strength to get through the days there. Right before we left I prayed with him and told him that I would not leave him an orphan and that I would come back for him soon.

God is faithful. I know He is going to bring us all together and a family soon. That day is coming and it will be glorious.

I can hardly wait to see him take a bath with his sisters…or to make dinner with him…to watch him sitting on his daddy’s lap watching a football game…to hear him pray out loud like his big sisters do…to cuddle with him every morning when he wakes up.

On the way home I was reminded that I once was a orphan. I was a lost and in need of a Savior. I cried out to God and He saved me. He adopted me. Now I have a Father and a family. I have a Father that cares about my every need and loves me more that I could ever imagine. I have a Father that heals, restores, and delivers. I have a Father gives power and strength to his children.
I have a Father that made a way. He made a way for our son. He heard his cries and heard our prayers and has made us a family.

I am changed forever.

…And now a mom to three.

Glory to my amazing God!

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jade said...

Thank you for the awesome post! I love what you did with the photos! I am so glad you are in my life! Thank you for your prayers and support! :)