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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Faith Like Potatoes and wasting a good Fall Break on the couch..

So the verdict is this: Apparently my sickness made me vulnerable to getting other sicknesses.. AND I woke up Thursday morning, after spending Wednesday evening in the ER, with the flu. Swine flu or man flu, I don't know, but it was the flu, and it hasn't been a fun week. Remember I was supposed to go to a conference Thursday afternoon, and return late-late Saturday night, but an arm band and hospital slip got me out of that one. Unfortunately, these aren't the circumstances in which I would have CHOSEN to spend my Fall Break.
My sister has been wonderful to me, and took amazing care of me Monday through Thursday, but finally Thursday night I decided that home would be best for me. So my mom, who is a nurse, picked me up and nurse me for 2 days before she brought me back to school this afternoon.
Between Thursday morning and this evening I watched:
aaand 2 specials on TV.
Movies -- it's what I like to do!

I just started getting up and moving around this afternoon. I was a little too overambitious with my own expectations, and after about an hour of attempting to clean the mess I had left with my roommate all week, I was exhausted and needing a short nap before dinner in the cafeteria - where I was hoping for some good chicken noodle soup, but was disappointed to find cream of mushroom. Yuck! Who eats that stuff anyways?

Movie trailer for Faith Like Potatoes::

It is an exotic, heart-wrenching drama, and faith-building too.


Tonja said...

Girl, you need to take care of yourself! Take it easy getting back into the swing of things and be sure to finish all of your medicine even if you start feeling better!

This comes from another nurse nd Mama! :)

Keetha Broyles said...

I think crashing on the couch sounds like a FABULOUS break. May I take one too?

Oh yah - - - we get ONE DAY, Friday.

I ate supper Friday night with Nick, his mom, and Kyle. It was a mom and son night out I guess.

I eat cream of mushroom soup - - - and LOVE it.

I do hope you get over your flu soon.