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Saturday, October 17, 2009

I keep missing out...

Happy weekend! I love the weekends, and I'm always anxious for them to arrive.
Then it gets here, and what do I do? Alot of this:
Which can be fun. Sometimes. But usually never. HA. This has been the busiest semester I have ever had. Hands down. No debate. Re-dic-u-lous. Every weekend for the past month I have been too swamped with papers and exams to really enjoy myself for more than a few short hours. (By the way, a few means three at the most!)

Last weekend my entire suite went to Laura's house (a suitemate) for an annual Fall party. We had had it planned for weeks, and I bummed out five minutes before they packed the van because I was too overwhelmed with homework (I remind you that last Sunday night I studied through the night and slept only 25 minutes, studying a total of 29 hours for my first Theology exam.)
Well here are pictures of them having fun without me::

Chelsea (orange), Jenny (black), Laura (grey), Kara (black), Bethany (Cubs 1), twin sister Jessie (Cubs 2), and my roommate Traci (orange).

Have I mentioned before the uniqueness (or lack-there-of) in our suite? I live with Traci, who has a twin sister named Staci. My twin sister, Jessie, is my suitemate. Jessie lives with Laura, who is twins with Jennie (both pictured above). Pretty sweet right? Poor Bethany doesn't have a twin, or a sister.

Here is my roommate, posing with her absent roommate - me!

I missed out on:
1. Pumpkin carving
2. Games
3. Prizes
4. Homemade spaghetti
5. A road trip with the girls

And meanwhile, this is what I was doing:
1. Studying for a Theology exam
2. Writing a Globalization paper
3. Studying for a World Civ exam
4. Studying for a Speech exam
5. Researching for an Evangelism presentation
6. Eating ramen
7. Not leaving my room for an entire day

Last night I was able to enjoy a night away for a World Impact retreat with 12 other missions leaders and a few directors. We did some bonding activities, and activities to strengthen us for addressing issues such as disunity, culture shock, fear, communication, etc. Then after lunch I returned to the dorm and I'm writing a Theology handbook for Monday, then I should start studying for a Development exam on Tuesday, and preparing for a demonstration speech on Wednesday.


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