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Friday, October 30, 2009

October's Last Friday's Fave Five

Happy “Friday’s Fave Five” blog, hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story. Click on the linky to see what 5 things other bloggers found pleasurable this week!

1. Learning Khmer script
Khmer script is the written language of Cambodia. There are something like 33 vowels and 26 consonants. It's hard stuff na, but I've been working hard to teach myself. The above is a letter I wrote to 3 friends in Cambodia.. my face is beaming with pride! Thank you to those who are encouraging me!

2. Aimee, Ashton, Loren, Hannah, Angela, and Zoey. I love these six girls. The seven of us traveled to Cambodia together this summer, and I think all we agree we became sisters as we shared beds, pillows, and towels for three weeks. We laughed, cried, and shared together and came away from an unforgettable experience with many memories (mostly good!) Tonight, for the 1st time since May 23, we will all be together again (ok, Loren can't come, but it's close to everyone!) I'm so excited! We will be staying the night in a small lake cabin -- laughing, reminiscing, playing games, and wishing we were back in Cambodia.

3. The changing seasons
While I don't like the increasingly cold temperatures, I do think that there is great great beauty revealed as the leaves change colors and fall, and again as the trees and flowers bud, and the grass returns to green in the Spring. I will miss this when I am in Cambodia; for there are only 2 season in Cambodia.

Rainy and not rainy!

But still, our Creator is God and our Creator is good!

4. Psalm 139:14-17
I made this earlier this week, and I have it printed as 8"x10" on my desk.

5. Peanut Butter
This morning I had peanut butter Captain Crunch cereal, but usually I have peanut butter on a bagel. After lunch, I had peanut butter on a rice crispy treat, and I have peanut butter crackers in my bag for a snack at work. Yum! I like pb&j sandwiches, pb&j pizza, peanut butter cereal, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter on my ice cream, peanut butter on bagels, peanut butter Oreos, peanut butter, peanut butter, peanut butter!


Lisa notes... said...

I'm SO impressed that you are learning Khmer. My friends in Cambodia are still trying to learn to speak and write the language. It looks very difficult. Blessings to you!

sara said...

great friday favs!!

You and my son would get along great. He love peanut butter as much as you do!!!

Julia said...

Wow, its hard to believe all those swiggles mean anything. Good luck with learning the language. It looks like you've already made a lot of progress. :)
PS. I love the pic in your header!

Jerralea said...

Wow, you really love peanut butter!

I enjoyed your photos, especially your Kmher notecard. Also, I love Psalm 139!

God bless you.

ellen b. said...

Oh wow learning Kmher looks like quite an should be proud of yourself. Have fun with your reunion!

Jenna said...

wow! your Kmher looks very intricate! very neat!

Susanne said...

What beautiful lettering that is. So artistic looking! How awesome that you are learning it. 33 vowels boggles my mind! :v)

Friends that are knit together through shared experiences are the best.

We had pnut butter for lunch today too!

Brenda said...

I came over to your blog from Susanne's and I love your pictures. There was not enough contrast between the reds and I could not read what you wrote unfortunately :(

Willow said...

Enjoy your weekend! (I know you will) I love pbj sandwiches but not peanut butter cereal!

Khmer is much more difficult to learn than many languages. Congrats to you!

Kari said...

WOW - you do keep peanut butter in business!!! I like peanut butter but not with my ice cream!

I know you are having a wonderful weekend with your girl friends. I remember when I was back at college we organized a crusade/outreach and I was 1 of 4 girls in the group. We bonded and became very close. You do become sisters for life.

I love that Psalm - so beautiful and I like your poster.

Blessings and Happy weekend!

Barbara H. said...

Good work on learning Khmer! It looks difficult.

I love peanut butter, too -- how fun that we both mentioned peanut butter Rice Krispie treats.

I love the changing seasons, too. Each one has its beauties and purpose.