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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dear Weekend, Please come soon!

Dear Weekend,
Please come soon!
Your Biggest Fan

After four papers, a speech, and a test.. I'm ready for the weekend.
I'm ready for the weekend so I can start working ahead on:
1) A Theology exam
2) An Evangelism/Global Outreach presentation
3) A World Civ. exam
4) A Poverty report
5) and a Speech exam
all due next week.

Also, I will enjoy spending Friday night with my sister and six friends at my suitemate's house an hour away. Her mom is throwing us a Fall party! A home-cooked meal, family-friendly games, and seven girls in a mini-van... I'm expecting a good time! Then Saturday afternoon I will return to my desk and start working endlessly on those five projects listed above.

On a side note, I just uploaded this video to YouTube. Suprisingly, I'm not embarassed to upload this video of me dancing, I think only because it was so much fun! It was back in June, my last night in Kratie, Cambodia, and my hostess and English students threw me a great going-away party. There was snacks, games, prizes, music, dancing, laughing... and most importantly: some really good friends that I miss very much.

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