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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Khmer script

Oh baby, I have exciting news for you!! I have started teaching myself the khmer script, and I have a little samplete for you. My face is BEAMING WITH PRIDE. Yes, I did say teaching myself. It's hard stuff na! I would love love love to have a teacher, but the Marion area seems to be low on immigrants from Cambodia. There is a Khmer family who runs a Chinese restaraunt in Upland [The Happy Buddha], and I regret that I haven't made my way over to meet them yet. Anyways, see below.

In this letter written to my 3 friends Titus, Vandy, and Rolitess:
Sur sdai. Kyom sang khoem tha neak s'bai na. Kyom nirk neak na. Kyom chang khern neak, niyei ji-mouy neak, neung loo neak. Kyom chang ros nov knong Kampuchea ji-mouy neak, neung t'wer bai bai chaa som-rup neak. Neak ra-boh kyom la-or jee-ung gay meut. Kyom nirk neak na. Soum ta, geu bpra-yeut. Srolange, Srey Amelek


sara said...

wow! I am impressed!!!

Kari said...

that's impressive. keep going.

p.s. - you asked about the baby's bassinet in my Singapore post. that is a service the airline provides. When we booked our tickets we requested for the bassinet.

Happy Friday and happy weekend.