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Monday, October 19, 2009

The sickies are goin around!!

My mom has the fu. Dad had the flu, and just started to feel better today. My baby niece Leah is sick (but cuddly!) My sister and 2 suite-mates haven't felt well since Thursday. Finally, according to, I have appendicitis, which I doubt. My idea is that I'm just stressed, and I'm going to wait out these stabbing right-side-only pains in the lower abdomen one more day.

Another day.. another paper.

In the mean time, enjoy this::

Update:: (As of 11pm) - Apparently besides the pain, the 2 main symptoms of appendicitis are fever and nausea. I am nauseous, but have no fever. If the pain is only stressed-related, and the nausea is flu-like or other, then I am ok (and better probably) to apply heat. If it's appendicitis with a slow-developing fever, then heat could rupture my appendix. So what do I do??
I wait.
Still stressed.
Still in pain.
But I'm not complaining, because this week is Fall Break! Even if Fall Break only means we have only Friday off... and even though I will be leaving Thursday afternoon to go to a conference... and not returning until early Sunday morning... and of course the conference is a class assignment, by the way.

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