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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are you kidding me??

Ok, so I might have THE LAMEST excuse you have ever heard for being low on sleep...

After being blissfully awoken at 1am by call from Cambodia [PLEASANT SURPRISE], I had the hardest time falling back to sleep because I couldn't stop my brain from practicing my numbers 0-1000 in Khmer... dop, m'pai, saam seup, sai seup, haa seup, hok seup, jeut seup, bpait seup, gao seup, moy roy, roy moy, roy bpee, roy bai, roy bpoun, roy bpram, roy bpram moy...

Seriously... numbers.. over and over and over again.. for an hour!

Don't let it keep you up at night (oh, you aren't WEIRD you say?).. but if you're interested in actually hearing the numbers, here's a video. I do love the way they sound!

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