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Friday, April 09, 2010

At the top of my list..

Today's to-do list is very very long, but at the top is praying for my mom, dad, grandmom, and two sisters.

Mom in blue glasses, Yo in green, and Jessie in red

As I write, Mom is on her way to Haiti. She was born a missionary's kid in Sierra Leone, Africa and lived there for a few years before returning to America as a pastor's kid. After college she returned to Africa as a missionary nurse. Now for about eight years she has watched Jessie (twin sis) and I travel the world to places like Mexico, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Cambodia, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, etc. Now it's her turn, and she'll be working in medical clinics on the island of la Ganov for two weeks.

With Mom gone and our cat passed away, Dad is left home alone lonely. I'm praying that he actually eats real food, not just chips, Snicker bars, and coffee; and that he finds jobs so he can keep his mind busy. He told me that he is taking one of his sisters to dinner tonight.

Then there's Grandmom, who Mom told me just before she left, is DNR (do not resuscitate.) She's 81-years-old and just a few weeks ago we CELEBRATED her returning to 100 pounds after her hospitalization in the ICU this summer. She's living on her own, and semi-independent, but we check on her everyday. In fact, just last week she walked down the driveway to get her mail for the first time in months. (Go Grandma!!!) I love Grandmom more than anything, but the responsibility of checking-in on her weighs heavy on my heart. Sorry Grandmom, but if it's my decision, I'm going to resuscitate you. :)

Joni. My sister is 33-and-a-half weeks pregnant and on Wednesday she was two cm. dilated with contractions four minutes apart. She spent some time in the hospital for monitoring and was given a shot to pause, and steroids for the itty-bitty baby. She was put on bedrest and they doctors are trying to hold her two more weeks until Mom is home and the baby is stronger.
<----- Here she is at 30 weeks.

Jessie, my twin sister, left for Chicago this morning for an Urban Encounters trip. She is a social work major and going to experience needle exchanges and such. I'm stressed and I wish she was here to rub my head and pat my back, but I think I can make it 37 more hours, 12 minutes, and 16 seconds. I'm praying she is safe there, and between there and here.
On a side note, between my errands to Wal-Mart, home, the church, the eye doctor, and the bank (All during my lunch break,) I had a great interview with Global Partners, working towards my mobilization as a missionary intern. I was also blessed at the eye doctor to realize that what I thought was only a downpayment, was actually a co-payment and all I owed! Yay!!!


Tonja said...

Oh, sweet friend...your family is spread out all over the world, aren't they? I have been in that situation before when every member of my family is in a different place. The great thing is that our wonderful, omnipotent God can be with us all! As I am sure you have heard...the safest place to be is in the middle of God's will! Just know that I will pray for you and any decisions you may have to make, and for all your family! God is BIG...He can handle it all!

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