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Friday, April 30, 2010

Home: If only for a short while...

Exams are over. I haven't looked at all my scores yet, and I don't care cause I'm just over it! HA. Packing was unusually relaxed because, instead of waiting until one or two days before, we started about five days before and already had two loads at home before exams started. Wednesday afternoon I was a big mix of emotions - thrilled because the semester was over, but sad to say goodbyes. Most of my friends are within either of my majors [Intercultural Studies and International Community Development,] and almost everyone is traveling far this summer - to India, the Philippines, Haiti, Russia, Cambodia, Uganda, the Karis People, even Los Angeles, etc.; some are also getting married and going on tropical honeymoons or cruises.

On Thursday I leave for Mozambique. Thursday. I cannot believe it.

With the semester over, I have finally started working on my sermon and lesson preparations. I'm still lacking ideas for classes at the creche [daycare - ages 18-months to 3-years]. I have an awesome Bible story coloring book, but it isn't enough and the kids are so young. My suitcase is also small, and my budget f0r supplies is also.

Second, I still need to learn how to drive a stick shift [will be driving a 1956 VW beetle] and purchase my international drivers licence. This will be rather interesting because I simply don't like driving; it's out of my comfort zone. I have these ideas about what the roads in Xai Xai will look like, and it's nothing like Mainstreet G. City. 'Intimidating' seems to be just the right adjective to use there. It will be interesting...

Finally. I just received a phone call from Global Partners this afternoon to say that my budget was miscalculated and I owe $510 before Monday morning. It's Friday evening now. Still trying to figure this one out...


DeanO said...

A 1956 VW Beetle - that's AWESOME

Tina said...


God is faithful and He will provide. He's still coming through for my team and I...both for India and for my own internship with Global Partners. I have faith that He has great plans for you and He's going to come through again! Psalm 55:22

sara said...

I agree with Tina! When God calls you to work along side Him....He will provide!

praying for you as you get ready to leave!! Excited to see how and where God is going to work through you!!!

Laura said...

Wow I didn't realize you left this Thursday. We'll be praying for you! And that stinks about the money issue, hope that all works out.

Loren said...


one, i miss you tons.

two, God will provide.

three, have an amazing time in Mozambique-i cant wait to hear about all of your awesome adventures :)

four, i love you a lot and will be praying for you!

and...i was at Jungle Jims (this international grocery store) and they had JACKFRUIT! and RAMBUTAN! I could not believe made me think of you :)