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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Story: The Little Boat

It will take a little time to read this, but it's a good story.

There was a little boy who lived by the sea and the one thing he loved best was to carve out little boats from the pieces of driftwood. One day he found a beautiful block of wood. After sculpting it in perfect detail, he sanded it and painted and lacquered it. He took it wherever he went, always showing it off to his friends.

One day, he waded into the sea, put his little boat on the water, and watched it float on the water. Then suddenly a great wave descended on the little boat, the wave engulfed the little boat, and it drifted far, far away from the boy and disappeared. The boy ran to his father, crying. To no avail, his father tried to comfort him.

Days went past, then weeks, and then months, and the boy still missed his little boat. One day, while accompanying his father to town, he wandered into a store. In the store, among the other souvenirs and merchandise, was the perfectly sanded, painted, and lacquered little boat! The boy approached the owner, who told him that it had been brought it the previous week.

The boy explained to him, “I was the one who made that little boat. I carved it, sanded it, painted and lacquered it. It’s the best little boat I ever made, and it got lost at sea. I’ve searched and searched for it and now I’m so happy to have found it. May I have it back?” The owner told the boy that if he wanted the boat, he would have to pay for it.

As soon as the boy and father returned home, the boy went to his room, and broke his piggy bank. He counted the money, but it wasn't enough. As he sat there, tears rolling down his face, his father entered the room. He asked, “Son, why do love that little boat so much? There are so many pieces of drifting wood; you could always make another boat."

The boy replied, “Father, I loved that little boat so much. I couldn’t eat nor sleep, wondering what had happened to it all these months. And now I have found it! Father, I don’t care how much it costs, I’m going to work hard so I can save up to buy back my little boat.”

His father lovingly looked at his son’s sad face, and said, “Okay, my son, I understand. Here, I’ll give you the money to buy back your boat." Receiving the money, the boy hugged his father tightly, whispering, “thank you, father.” He ran off towards the store, and bought back his little boat. He took it home, cradling it in his arms, and showed it off to his father, his mother, and the rest of his family. From then on, he never let it drift too far at sea, and always kept it at his side.

Jesus is the boy, we are that little boat. He molded us, polished us, and cherishes us. When we drifted off to where he couldn’t find us or reach us, His heart was broken. After having found us again, He did not hesitate to pay whatever price in order to redeem us. He redeemed us with His life.

I made you and I bought you;
you are mine.


Tonja said...

Beautiful analogy! Loved this!

Warren Baldwin said...

Good story and application. You are a good writer.

Jewel said...

Thanks. :)