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Thursday, April 15, 2010

No News is Good News

My mom is in Haiti now working on the island of La Gonave doing clinical work. She went with a small missions team from our church - some medical, some handy[wo]men. They left last Thursday and should return late Saturday evening. I haven't heard anything and I'm assuming no news is good news. Right??

Since she's gone I went to visit Dad and Grandmom yesterday. I sat with Grandmom while she was eating dinner, and I checked her trash, mail, etc. Then I went home and found dishes, handwashed, drying on the counter, and clean laundry folded on the couch. Impressive. :) Then I laid on the big comfy couch and watched an hour and a half of Game Show Network with Dad.

^ Mom with Baby Face

^ Open air clinic in Haiti

I'm excited to see her and hear her stories when she returns, AND to see what she bought me. :) Maybe it's an elephant for my international elephant collection??

Update from Mary, who is with Mom in Haiti::
"well, your mom is doing great and keeping really busy and making me laugh, too!! please be praying, though, because several of the rest of the team have been ill."


Andrea said...

May GOD bless your mom and each and every individual she touches while in Haiti.

Blessings, andrea

Kay said...

Praying your mom stays well.

Hazel said...

All the best to your Mom and her team in Haiti. Baby Face is sooo adorable!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Ooooooo - - - I believe I'm jealous of your mom!!! Greg and I LIVED on La Gonave for three months. He also worked in that hospital. That little village is called Ainse a Galet.

I want to hear your mom's stories too. Since SHE doesn't blog, you'll just have to do it for her!