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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TODAY's Blessings

Yesterday afternoon I found myself overwhelmed by "His new blessings every morning." It was such a good day! I went to bed feeling blessed, loved, grateful, etc. I am reminded of xonghan song that I learned in Mozambique last summer. The lyrics are translated,
Even if my mother leaves me, Jesus is still treating me well.
Even if my health leaves me, Jesus is still treating me well.
Even if my goats leave me, Jesus is still treating me well.
Etc. Etc. Etc.
And I think of my own life. Grandmom may have cancer, but my Sovereign God is Father and Healer.  Finances may not always be sufficient, but God always provides. My fiance may be on the other side of this big planet, but by God's grace, we will soon be reunited. Etc. Etc. Etc. ♥♥♥

♥ Jessie is home! Yesterday afternoon my twin sister flew into Indianapolis after seven long weeks in the Philippines [long for me, short for her.] It was so so so good to see her. I could have hugged her all afternoon in the food court at the airport, but I think she had enough was anxious to see if her luggage had followed her. HA! I am definitely looking forward to the next three weeks with her before she moves to New York for one year, and everything changes. ♥

♥ Yesterday morning in Central Indiana, the clouds were dark and heavy, and rain poured upon the land. Often times we refer to the "storms of life" has difficult, dark, and depressing circumstances [and I can understand the metaphor,] but I love storms [the "weather kind!"] We have certainly had a fair number of storms this season, and I am so glad to have a picture perfect storm-watching window in my office. Storms make me feel little. They give me energy. They remind me of God's power. Thank you Jesus for your protecting hand on Mom and Grandmom as they traveled through heavy rain and flooded streets.  ♥

♥ I received two very special pieces of mail yesterday: A note from the National Visa Center regarding the stateside approval of Titus' fiance visa petition, and a letter from my bff and penpal, Loren. The note from the visa center informed us that our information has been forwarded to the US Embassy in Phnom Penh Cambodia, and Titus will be contacted within a week with instructions to schedule his interview. Loren wrote to me about her new job in Houston, and although Texas is much much farther than Cincinnati, I am super excited for her. Loren and I graduated together, went to Cambodia together, walked to Wal-Mart in a blizzard together, etc. etc. etc. and I know she will be awesome as a live-in foster mom for babies and young children down in Texas. ♥

♥ I have begun the search for an apartment, which is really exciting!! I looked at two last Saturday; both were itty bitty [affordable] one room apartments, each with a list of pros and cons. I have one super ideal prospect, and I am praying that the current tenant finds a job elsewhere, making the cottage available. I am grateful for friends who have given leads on spaces for rent, and offered old knives, tvs, etc., and even bedrooms! ♥

♥ My job in the cemetery might usually be boring, always too quiet, and pay only minimum wage, but as I get to know my co-workers, I like it more and more. I attended my first staff meeting this morning with all the area NSW staff. There were presentations on finances, conduct, performance, vacations, etc... weird "grown-up job" sorts of things. We were even taught how to use a fire extinguisher. My position is only temporary, but my intentions are to "wow" them into keeping me until I have to voluntarily leave for Discipleship Training School and eventually Cambodia! ♥

Ok, that's all for now! I encourage you to sit and think of all the ways God is blessing you today. It truly is a life-changing [perspective-changing at least!] habit.

Love Love Love,

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