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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A Life of Little Adventure

I wish I had something more exciting or meaningful to write about.

If I were my sister, I could write about my exciting adventures on the mission field in the Philippines. I could tell you about visiting a church in the dump, sleeping on the beach, speaking at a Compassion International Youth Camp, trying fried crickets, and living in a house with three generations of Filippino Christians.

If I were my mother, I could write about my new car, and how after 22 long years, I am no longer a "mini van mama." I could also tell you about my recent trip to Boston with a friend from work.

If I were my sister Joni, I could write about my new purchase and becoming a "mini van mama." I could also write about how 13-month-old Mallory Jo is entering a new stage of mobility: walking!

I also have friends right now doing missions work and internships in Jamaica, Albania, the Middle East, Guatemala, and soon, Uganda. Others are working at fun summer camps across the country. I am sure they have exciting stories.

Me? Today is my third day at my new job in a little office at the cemetery. The majority of my day passes while I wait for the computer to refresh and load a new page. During today's lunch break, I went to a local Christian bookstore to read a few chapters of David Platt's Radical for Sunday School. [FYI: If you do not damage or remove from the store, they will not make you pay for the book! How great!! :)]

Despite a present lack of adventure in my life, I am grateful - grateful for the sun and for airconditioning, for good books, for an incredible church family, for a Skype date with my fiance last night, for Joni's great assistance in planning my wedding, for challenging and encouraging Scripture, and much etc. etc. etc.

Love love love, Jewel

1 comment:

Loren said...

jewelle this made me smile.
too bad we don't live in the same city so we could be unadventurous together...
missing you <3