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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

2 more days in Kratie..

These are a few pictures taken before my team left..

Playing Boggle with friends at Tess' house in Kratie. The three younger guys are my English students, Limang, Sokha, and Chanta. The man beside me is Pastor Greg, our missionary; he looks like a baby bird.

A jumping picture with my team at Angkor Wat, in Siem Reap.

Our team with Pastor Paroath (younger man in far back and his students in Kampong Cham. Love this place! Kampong Cham was the first province our team visited in Cambodia. We fell in love with the kids on the 1st day.

A few others you will enjoy. =)
A cute baby girl taking a bath. =)

Pastor Arun, Vandy, and Chamnol at Angkor Wat. (Love these guys!)

A buddhist temple at Angkor Wat

Pastor Greg and a local villager preparing jack fruit. Jack fruit has a very distinct smell, especially when left to bake in the van's trunk. For $3 we bought this jackfruit that was 2x the size of an average American watermelon. Each of us had 3 small pieces and wanted no more.


Having a wonderful time here. =) Yesterday during lunch it rained aweful, so the students were not able to travel back to school (Schools go from 6-11, then 1-5), so my friends Pagna and Nary came over to Tess' house, and we laid on the floor, shared 1 pillow, and laughed for almost 2 hours. I am teaching them English, and they are teaching me Khmer. They really are true friends, and I will miss them alot when I leave on Friday.
I also started to learn a few khmer songs this morning. They are actually written by Hillsong, and translated in Khmer, so the music is familiar. Tess and I are fasting today, along with the students and staff at the Bible College, and a few others. Everyone was texting each other to share prayer requests, and Tess and I prayed together for 2 hours, praying for the Church in Cambodia, the students at the school here and at the WBI, for the Wesleyan pastors, for unsaved family members, for the work of World Hope, and many more. It was a really awesome time. The hardest part about my team leaving is not having devotions and highs/lows and times of sharing with them, but Tess and I have been able to share a few times, and this afternoon was great. I'm looking forward to doing it again tomorrow during lunch.
Sunday evening we returned to Kratie (from the wedding in Kampong Cham) and 10 of us worshipped together. I wish everyday was Sunday. Ok, that isn't true - because I teach Monday-Friday and I love teaching and being with the students. I digress.. I love seeing the students worship, but my heart is missing the worship at home, the English worship.
On Wednesday nights we have prayer meetings at Tess' house. Last week it was only her and I and 3 others, but we are expecting more tonight because I am leaving on Friday. I have a short devotional prepared, as well as sharing my testimony. Then a few of the students (my besties Pagna and Nary) will stay the night.
On Friday morning Tess and I will travel by bus to Phnom Penh. It should take about 8 hours. I will supposed to stay in Kratie through Monday, but we are leaving early to meet our friends who will be visiting from the Philippines. We plan to spend Friday evening with them, and then Saturday morning Vandy, Tess, Chamnol and I will spend a few hours just the 4 of us. The plan is pizza, basketball at the arcade, and taking lots of pictures.. but we'll see if that actually happens.
God has been teaching me alot and challenging me. In 3 days I read Shane Claiborn's "Irresistable Revolution" and it changed my life.. really. It's about Shane's realizations that what Jesus said is true, and He means it. Yeah, it's easy to say. But do you really believe that when Jesus says to sell everything you have and give it to the poor, He means it? My heart is really feeling pulled towards doing something big.. I'm afraid to talk about it specifically, and I'm not to sure why, but I don't. =) hehe. God laid it on my heart yesterday evening, and it just so happens that we're fasting this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. So I'm praying about it alot, and hoping that my ears will be open to hear God speaking to me and telling me what He wants me to do in this situation.

Please pray:
That I will hear God speaking to me about this specific "idea"
That I will be passionate and zealous during my last 10 days here in Cambodia
As I share during our prayer meeting tonight; a few students that may come tonight have only seen me teaching English, and haven't heard the message of my heart.
For the Pastors Paroath, Poleak, Arun, Malachi, Sopeak, Mano, Kimsua and Vandy..
Pray for my students who will be taking national graduation exams on June 15 and July 7:: Richard, Nary, Limang, Ratana, Chanta, Sry Mum, and others that I cannot pronounce or spell.
Pray also for the names Tess, Chamnol, Theara, Greg & Resie Fernandez, Rotha & Elizabeth, and Adam Nash.

I return to America on June 13, so everyone should be expecting alot of pictures June 14 or 15.

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Allie said...

I am like 3/4th my way through that book. Love it.