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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cambodia 2009 in pictures...

This is the first of potentially many blogs dedicated to stories and pictures from my last trip to Cambodia. These pictures were all taken during my 2 week internship in Kratie.

Here I am with some of the guys at my farewell party in Kratie. Theara on the far left is the computer teacher at the World Hope school which partners with the Wesleyan Church; he has beautiful eyes! Next to him in stripes is my good friend Sokha, then Dona, next to me is Richard then Li Mang, and then a boy I don't know!

Here I am with my 2 besties at Tess' house (where I lived for 2 weeks). Richard was my 1st friend in Kratie last year, and he was one of my best this year! He is also my most diligent English student, and my personal Khmer teacher! Nary is also a very good friend and the 3 of us had alot of fun together. I know that I blogged alot about them so here is our picture! Nary and Richard spent the last night with me then woke up at 5am for school. We spent an entire afternoon on the floor laughing, and shared many meals together.

Bona and I were playmates last year. Every time I arrived at the school, he would run up to me and we would play the same games. This year, he was very shy for the 1st week. Then when I showed him his picture from last year, he remembered that we were best friends last year. I will be sure to take this picture with me next year!
Piney is a quiet girl, but very strong and very caring. One evening she came over and it started to rain very hard, so she was unable to walk home until the storm ceased. She told me the next day that her mother beat her because she attended prayer meeting and was out too late. Piney continues to come and continues to shine. I have a deep respect for her.
Sokha and Li Mang playing a traditional filippino game called the Newspaper Dance. Everyone got in pairs and put a newspaper on the floor between them. As the music played, we danced around the newspaper, then when the music quits, both partners have to stand on the newspaper. If you can do this, you continue to the next round - when the newspaper is folded in half. Eventually the newspaper is very small and only 1 person is able to fit -Sokha and Ming were very creative and manipulated their bodies in such a way that both fit on a very small square of paper!

During the 1st hour of my farewell party, we played many different games with the children fromt the school. Here you see the boys vs. the girls play Samson and Delilah. We also played with balloons, had prizes, and candy.. the kids loved it!
Here I am with a few of the girls at my farwell party. The taller woman in white stripes is Rolitess Galam, the filippino missionary that I lived with for 2 weeks.
This is my good friend Ratana, she and her brother Chanta are also my English students, and their older sisters, Zanda and So Phol, are two of my friends at the Bible College in Phnom Penh. So I am very familiar with their family. Ratana's name means precious stone or gem, which means we have same name!
Song and I were not close friends last year, but we did become good friends this year. I have learned alot about him and his family, and I have a deep respect for him also. Song is not in school and recently quit his job, so he spent a few afternoons and nights with Tess and I and I really enjoyed hearing him play the guitar.

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