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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sitting Sad in Seoul, South Korea

I left Cambodia last night. Sad. So sad! Yes, it will be good to see a few people back home. I really miss my church, and worshipping there. But, I didn't want to leave. My visa is good through July 3rd, and I really would have stayed if I knew how to change my ticket easily and cheap! My bests took me to the airport Friday night at 9:30. I checked in and then went back outside to talk and take pictures, and say my final goodbyes. Of course nothing is final.. and my plans are to return next summer. In the scheme of a lifetime, 1 year isn't so long. Right? It feels so good to say that I know, I KNOW, Cambodia is where I am supposed to be.
My plane left at 11:55 Friday night, and right now I sadly sit in Seoul, for a 13-hour, lonely layover. I found 2 whiteys and took a short nap close to them. Then I caught up on journaling, read a chapter, and stood to find breakfast. Then I found a free internet cafe.. and I'm still sitting here! My roommate was online.. so I asked her to text my sister, and both my sisters were online soon! We caught up a little.. but it will be good to see them soon!
This is it for now. Of course I'll have lots to say very soon! I'm going to visit Starbucks for round #2 and then find something for lunch so I can take my malaria pill!
Hope all is well in America.. see you soon!

3 of my besties:: Ashton, Cham nol, and Loren (& Ki on the far L)

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Keetha Broyles said...

Have safe travels home!!!