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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goodbyes aren't forever...

Cause I got a phone call from Cambodia today!  It was almost noon here, so almost 11pm in Cambodia, and my friend Tito called me from his bed.  I can receive calls and texts internationally, but I cannot send or call.  So I downloaded skype yesterday, and I plan on buying credit soon!  Skype is an online program that lets you call or text internationally, and it's cheap!  So that will be a great resource for keeping in touch until I return next summer.

Here are pictures taken my very last day in Cambodia.  I don't think I have to tell you again that it was a very sad day!

Everyone at the airport. In the back: Pastor Vandy, Pastor Tito, one of my bests Channa, 1-yr volunteer Adam Nash, So Phol (bending over), and Srey Lis; next: Zanda, one of my bests Theavy, missionary Pastor Greg, and one of my bests Nekru (teacher) Channy.

Tito and I

Me and the girls at the airport.

I know this is the same group of people.. but I wanted to highlight how tall Adam is!  In reality he is only 6', but Cambodians are very short!

This is at my farewell fellowship at the Bible college.  I brought chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers from America and we made s'mores!

So Phol, Channa, Theavy, and Srey Lis in a tuk tuk (link to image).  A tuk tuk is a small cart pulled behind a motorcycle, hired for public transportation.  Seven of us fit comfortably, but I wouldn't put more than four in each seat.  In fact, we had to hire a 2nd driver after our 1st tuk tuk blew a tire!

Zanda, Resie and I.  Resie is a Wesleyan missionary from the Philippines, and is a teacher at the Bible College.  Her and I became very close after my team left.

After lunch on my last day, I took Resie and the five female WBI students out for manicures and pedicures.  It is a real treat for the girls to leave campus, and we really had a lot of fun in the three hours we were there.

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