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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adjusting to America...

Little update on what has happened since my return:
Well you know that I wanted to stay in Cambodia, but if I'm going to come home, then there is no place I would have rather gone on the 1st day than to my church. Brookhaven! It was really good to see everyone. My pastor greeted me from the pulpit and I was swarmed by people afterwards asking me about the trip, if I was feeling better (it was miscommunicated to my church that I had been IN the hospital for 4 days) and saying that they were praying for me. I rested in the afternoon and enjoyed time with Jessie before she left and went to camp for 2 weeks! Then after the evening service, we had a going away party for the Browns (a family that I am close to.) I told others that they are not allowed to go anywhere, because I am DONE saying goodbye for a couple weeks! It's rough stuff! haha.
After the party I went to Starbucks with my friends Phil and Stephanie (who are the leaders of my Wed night small group Bible study) and we talked about Cambodia.
Monday I enjoyed an entire day at home, resting. My luggage finally arrived before dinner so I started laundry (which had quite the odor!) I went to visit my grandmom for 2 hours. She was very very ill while I was in Cambodia, and actually spent a few nights in the intensive care unit. She is home now and growing stronger and improving. My mom lived with her for 3 weeks, after a week in the hospital. I certainly didn't want to leave Cambodia, but I did want to be with her while she was in the hospital.
Because Grandmom is able to live on her own now, Mom has gone back to work - so it's just Dad and I this week. Last night we went on the motorcycle to Ivanhoes and I enjoyed a greasy cheeseburger and tater tots (not quite white rice and green peppers), then drove through the country, and went on a long walk.
I am feeling quite jet-legged and wasn't able to sleep until almost 4am. I forced myself awake at noon, then had a bowl of frosted flakes. I promptly took a nap at noon and woke again at 2:45. I'm told UV rays will help me adjust, but there aren't any!
Enjoy the pictures and stories in the previous post and look forward to more!

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