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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Catching up on life...

7 ½ weeks. In seven-and-a-half weeks, my four-year college experience will be over forever. Not just for the summer, but forever. After I graduate April 30, 2011, never again will I live on this campus with my 3,200 IWU classmates. [A profound realization; I know.] Some of these friends I will never ever see again and eventually I will lose contact with professors who have invested so much in me over the four-year experience.
After I graduate, I’m going to return home and live with my parents for awhile. Then I’m going to get married, live with my husband, and create my own home. Then I’m going to move to Cambodia, far away from so many people that I love and care about very much, and...

So what does that mean? That means I'm making a BUCKET LIST - a list of all the things that I dream of doing before I graduate. Do I dare write "Sleep on the lawn" on my list? I haven't decided, but whatever I do decide, it will be exciting. Making a bucket list is one of my "to-do's" for Spring Break!

In honor of Spring approaching, I have taken up a new habit - running.

Miracle of miracles, today I ran two miles.

I couldn't believe it; I certainly surprised myself! I have been faithfully doing Zumba three times a week since August or September, and occasionally going to the gym, but I don't think I have actually run in two or three years. I may be a little premature to commit to running a 5k this summer, but the best means of accountability to making a public profession. So here it is: I'm going to run a 5k in May 2011.

In regards to "Wedding Wednesday," I drafted a QUIZ this evening. If you attend my wedding reception, you will have the rare and exciting opportunity to be TESTED on how well you know Titus and I. Of course I won't be giving away any answers today. [Because I am sure you are all the type to copy the answers and keep the paper in your "important papers drawer," then bring the answers to the wedding and CHEAT your way to winning a Cambodian souvenir.] However, you might want to know the following:
1) Titus' real name (here)
2) How Titus and I met (here)
3) How Titus proposed (here)
4) Everything else.

Our tentative wedding date is officially 233 days away - that is thirty-three weeks and two days!! Still plenty of time to choose my cake, dress, colors, bridesmaids, menu, and everything else. Right?! If the wedding were tomorrow, I wouldn't care about any of those things!

Anyways.. look forward to Friday! I'm going to re-join the network of "Friday's Fave Five!"


sara said...

my daughter is graduating many changes!!!

Hey guess what? My son wants to visit IWU for a college visit!! he is going to look at Anderson, IWU, Ball state and Bethel over spring break. He wants to study Music Ed. IF I get to come (may have to work) I would love, LOVE to meet you in person!!! But if I can't come, by chance would you meet with my son and husband and talk about IWU?? It would be the week of March 21

Jewel said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I hope you will get to come, but if you don't, I would enjoy meeting your husband and son anyways!

IWU has phenomenal music and education programs!

Let me know. :)
<3 Jewel

sara said...

great!!! As soon as we have the plans nailed down I will let you know!