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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Confessions of wedding planning...

I thought planning a wedding would be fun; however, thus far it has only turned out to be stressful and overwhelming.

Any advice for someone who is 12 time zones from their fiancé? Seriously. I could use it.

I have even threatened to elope, but truth be told, I would never consider it. Sharing the special day with family and friends is very important to me. I have even threatened to let my sister and wonderful friends plan everything, but of course, I cannot do that either... it's my wedding and I'm only getting married once.

Thank you to my wonderful mom and sister, who patiently waited while I contemplated every single color of paper at Hobby Lobby this afternoon. I finally chose a green, a purple, and an ivory, and I plan on starting to design my homemade invitations while I am still on Spring Break. :) Hopefully, my to-do list will be one point shorter before Monday morning.

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sara said...

As I am not a detailed person...I hated the planning of my wedding. I would have been very happy to let someone else plan it!!! I would just encourage you to not stress over the details and try to enjoy every part of it!!!