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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Power of Prayer

Let me know if you would like one of our prayer cards to keep in a place that you will see frequently and be reminded to pray for us during this long and grueling wait.

Use it as a marker in your Bible.

Frame in next to your computer.

Hang it on your fridge for all your company to admire see.

Tape it to your bathroom mirror.

How can you pray? Thanks for asking! LET ME TELL YOU:
*Sunday: For Titus, as he anticipates transitioning out of his current ministry position (pastoring in Kampong Spue) and training another to take his place.

*Monday: That I will remain focused as I try to finish out the school year and look towards graduation in April. That Titus will be encouraged and energized in/by His ministry.

*Tuesday: That the government will be accountable to approve Titus' visa within a timely manner, allowing us to get married at my home church on October 22, 2011.

*Wednesday: That Titus and I will continue to be faithful in praying, fasting, and seeking the Lord's will.

*Thursday: Especially: For a peace that transcends all understanding, as we trust that the Lord's will WILL BE DONE.

*Friday: That God will continue to prepare us - in every aspect - for future long-term ministry as husband and wife in Cambodia.

*Saturday: That our relationship will continue to be strengthened during this time of separation.

*AND EVERY DAY: Praise the Lord for the awesome things that He has already done in our lives and relationship - opening the door for me to visit Cambodia last Dec. and Jan.; providing the finances necessary for us to apply for the visa; blessing us with an incredible support system of friends and family; giving us the same dream, passion, and vision for ministry; and strengthening us with His sustaining power.

I know you love getting mail, and I love certainly appreciate your prayers. Leave a comment or mail your address to jewel.reed at . Seriously, I will mail it the next day! Thank you for your prayers

Love love love, Jewel
[and Titus]


Andrea said...

Prayer request at arise 2 write.

The Hollands said...

Hi Jewel...the Holland Family would love to join in prayer with you! We would also love to have your prayer card hanging on our fridge!! :) Jaye