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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Break: Family Style

So maybe my Spring Break wasn't as exciting as others - I didn't see the beach, or go to an amusement park, I wore my coat all week, I experienced major stress, and I did homework almost everyday (but not enough) - but it was a good week.

I ate out a lot - something my dad considers "a special occasion," but something I consider a drudgery mundane, as I believe my family eats out too often to be considered special. HOWEVER, this afternoon I did enjoy a wonderfully pleasant meal out with with Jessie (twin sis) and two special girl friends. Lunch at Aunt Sue's Tea Room with Andrea & Suzanne was a special occasion for a few reasons, because it is a rare occasion, because it is a celebration of our friendship, and because within a few weeks, Jessie will be gone for a number of months, and a few months after that, I will be moved-away indefinitely.

Every night since returning from New York on Wednesday, Mom, Dad, Jessie and I have gathered at the table for "family game night." After two or three games of Jessie and I winning Nertz, Mom and Dad beat us at Euchre. However, last night we did something as a family that we haven't done since Jessie and I were probably in elementary school: we went bowling! It was so much fun! Before bowling, we went to Grandmom's and had pizza, and after bowling we rented Inception from Redbox, and watched it in the comfort of our own home. What a crazy movie! I don't watch the Emmys, the Grammys, or anything of that nature, but I'm certain Inception has won lots of awards. If it wasn't 11pm when the movie ended, I could have watched it again! (And I think I will later today!)

I also made huge progress in the wedding-planning process. I chose one more bridesmaid, designed our homemade invitations, and spent a few hours editing our website (which I will launch upon confirmation of the entire wedding party.) Below is a small taste-test of our invitations:

Think "copper embellishment." I was so excited when I found a rubber stamp of dragon flies; can you imagine why? Because there were so many gorgeous blue dragonflies flying around Titus and I when he proposed on the rock beneath the waterfall!

I am looking forward to tomorrow because I love Sundays and sharing the day with my church family [and this Sunday celebrating Grandmom's 82nd birthday;] however, I wish Spring Break didn't have to leave. It's my last Spring Break EVER!

Love love love, Jewel

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Keetha Broyles said...

I bet your mom and dad LOVED having you travel and stay with them for Spring Break this year - - - what with graduation looming and both of you probably going to live away away away soon.