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Monday, August 09, 2010

The Bucket List: Updated!

I wrote this bucket list in July 2009 of things I want to do before I "kick the bucket" [aka die]. After a full year, my list needs to be updated because a few of my goals/dreams have already been accomplished!

Help Pagna go to college. -- DONE!

To whom much is given, much is required. Luke 12:48
Freely you have received, freely give. Matthew 10:8

Pagna's family is very poor; their only income is making and selling ice cream. His also has two or three younger sisters, so his tuition could in no way be a priority for his struggling family. He was my first friend in Kratie two years ago, and is still my best friend there. Pagna is at the university in Kampong Cham and he is studying to be an English teacher. I am so so so excited for him, and feel so so so blessed that I can be a part of helping him reach his dreams, and brighten his future.

See someone's life changed significantly because of my kindness.

Be used as a Spanish translator for a sermon.

Be fluent in Khmer (language of Cambodia).

Drive a motorcycle through Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Write a book (no dream of being published, only the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Go to Africa -- DONE!

I went on my first trip to "the Dark Continent," my mother's birthland, for seven weeks in May and June. While I was there I ate my first fish, learned Portuguese and Xangan, wore my first capalana, drove a stickshift on the opposite side of the road, was robbed, attended my first and second African funeral, etc.

The road from my house to downtown Xai Xai, Mozambique

Go on a safari -- DONE!

In May I went to Kruger National Park in South Africa. The picture taken above is real and I was in the blue Condor beside the gigantic elephant. I spent about 2.5 days around the park and I saw zebras, a lion, many elephants and giraffes [my two favorites], hyena, wild dog, hippos, a black rhino, impala, etc.

Ride a horse on the beach at sunset.

Sell [a significant portion] of my possessions and give it to the poor.

See my Dad surrender his life to God.

Go snorkeling -- DONE!
Went snorkeling at Isla de Caja de Muerto (Coffin Island) off the southern coast of Puerto Rico on June 27. I spent an hour out with three friends, then returned shortly after with two others. I saw big fish, little fish, colorful fish, huge schools of fish, large mounds of coral, conch shells, and more. I was also stung by a sea urchin! It was an incredible experience to see so much life below the surface of the waters. Literally breathtaking!

Get married.

Have a baby.

Stand behind the pulpit at Brookhaven
[my home church] with my husband and say, "Hello, thank you for your prayers and support. This is what we are doing in Cambodia..."

Read straight through Bible in one year

Memorize 300 Bible verses

Go bungee jumping

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming - "WOW - What a Ride!"- Anonymous

Go to a Colts game

Run a marathon

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