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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer 2010's FIRST Random Dozen!

Welcome to Wednesday's Random Dozen, hosted by Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee.

1. When was the last time you laughed until you cried?
June; singing and playing with my little cuddle-bug Gabriele in Mozambique.

2. If you found $10 today, what would you do with it?
Save it until I found $15 more then buy a $25/month punchcard for Zumba class! I'm addicted but I cannot convince myself to pay a fee when I have free membership to the rec. center on campus.

3. Do you volunteer anywhere?
Not presently; the events of my life and the lack of routine have not allowed it! However I have always found it rewarding, and I would like to make the time to be involved in something once school starts.

4. What is your favorite summertime veggie or fruit, and how do you eat it?
Strawberries - I cut the top off then pop it in my mouth! HA.

5. Is your social sphere (circle of friends) small, medium or large?
How does one even gauge this? Medium.

6. When was the last time you attended a family or school reunion? How did that go?
Two or three weeks ago. It went well because but many were unable to attend. It was a beautiful day and we spent the afternoon in the pool with Baby Face!

7. When you're feeling blue, what is the best way someone can cheer you up?
If it's the right person, all it would take is a phone call or message. Otherwise, treat me! Treat me like I'm someone special, take me to lunch or for a pedicure...

8. Have you taken a vacation this summer?
Family vacation was canceled this summer due to Grandmom's hospitalization, Mom's surgery, and twin sister having Mono. HOWEVER, I have been to pristine vacation hotspots, though not necessarily on vacation.

Praia de Xai Xai, Mozambique

and Isla de Caja de Muerto in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico

9. What is the most unnecessary item you carry with you all the time?
As I shuffle through my purse, I find everything to be mostly necessary -- wallet, chapstick, pen, palm-sized notebook, gum, mirror, keys, anti-bacterial gel, Advil, and hand lotion -- however I suppose my camera and jumpdrive are conveniences and not necessities

10. What is the best summer flick you have seen so far?
Grown Ups was good but Old Dogs was better! SO FUNNY!

11. Describe a perfect summer day.
Sleeping in late, then having a nice lunch with a friend, walking around Target with a Starbucks frappe in my hand, going for a nice swim in my backyard, then falling asleep to a "feel good" movie on the couch.

12. Please a share a favorite photo from the summer so far!
A double rainbow over the Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College in Xai-Xai - a reminder that God promises and is FAITHFUL to be with us in the storms of life.

[Return tomorrow to see more favorite photos from this summer's adventures! It was too difficult to choose, so tomorrow I'll have more!]


sara said...

I did not know that your sister had mono this summer....I have been slack in visiting around! Is she better? ugh, that takes a while to get over!!!

can't wait to see more favorite photos!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Jewel! So good to see you again. I got the joke about the reunion, funny. Pics are beautiful, too. Glad to reconnect.

Joni said...

I had to laugh when I saw your scratch out of because with a replacement of but, haha!