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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What is Love?

Life has been interesting in the Reed household recently. Grandmom just began her fourth week of hospitalization. After much improvement, she relapsed into kidney failure (again) and her specialists are still trying to figure out all these problems making her sic
Mom has been living at the hospital with Grandmom, about 90 minutes away, since she was moved to critical care almost three weeks ago. Since then, Jessie (twin sis) has developed mono. Our home is desperately in need of a wife and mother (I have never done so much laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, et
Fortunately, Aunt Nancy (mom's sis-in-law) and cousin Laura and sitting with Grandmom for 3.5 days so that Mom can be home. Unfortunately, Mom needed to have surgery today (day #3 of 3.5) so she will be recovering while she sits next to Grandmom's bed because Nancy and Laura must return home.

I've been learning a lot during this time; I've been learning a lot about people and about loving and caring. I am grateful to God for the way He has loved me and loved our family during this very difficult month.

Love is me sleeping with one less pillow so that Mom can have one more pillow to lay her arm on in the night.
Love is Mom, in pain, allowing me to make an emergency restroom stop on the way home from the hospital.
Love is Pamela and Aunt Holly bringing our family full healthy meals for dinner.
Love is Aunt Nancy and Laura sitting with Grandmom so that Mom can spend some time at home.
Love is Mike and Becky for visiting Grandmom regularly.
Love is Pastor Bob making a 3 hour round-trip to visit Grandmom for just a few minutes.
Love is my sister Joni, who held me when I wept in Grandmom's critical care room.
Love is Janna baking Jessie's favorite cake.
Love is Resie asking how she can pray.
Love is Pamela saying, "If you need anything, let me know." and meaning it.
Love is having patience with Grandmom, Jessie, and Mom while they are sick.

Whoever has a heart full of love always has something to give.

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