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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Malaria Free & Dream Free!

I wrote this a few weeks ago but forgot to post it. Oops!
I have been taking a daily malaria pill since May 6th and on Thursday, with my Frosted Flakes, I took my last pill! It's a little pink pill that I take with breakfast. It doesn't make me nauseous, dizzy, or give me a headache, but there is however one nasty side-effect: CRAZY DREAMS. I have taken doxycycline the previous two summers on my trips to Cambodia, but it wasn't until this summer that I realized the effect it was having on my dreams at night. We are taking crazy, ridiculous, out-of-this-world dreams!

Wednesday night I had a dream that I was going on a trip [imagine that!] and I had only minutes to pack all my things. I was absolutely frantic. I was throwing in my toothbrush and shampoo and contacts between socks and books and medicine. Jessie kept walking and commenting, "You see, THIS is why I tell you that you should always be packed!" Upon grabbing my passport from its safeplace, I realized that the passport wasn't my own, but belonged to House M.D. - yes, Hugh Laurie. I did not know where I was going because the trip was part of the witness protection program. Apparently I had walked in on President Barrack Obama while he was copying and pasting his next speech off of Wikipedia. When my alarm went off at 7:15 I was quite frustrated; now I will never know what adventures were awaiting!

One night in Mozambique I had dream that got me moving. Let me first set the scene: The previous afternoon my group and I painted the missionary's storage room. It was a disattached building about the size of an average one-car garage. There were a few small windows and one door, however the ventilation was not sufficient for the overwhelming paint fumes. After Jason [our missionary host] left and closed the door behind him, I commented that I was convinced the room was actually a gas chamber and Jason had intentions to kill each one of us.
So I woke up around 3am the next day; it was dark, and I was under my mosquito net. I said aloud to my roommate, "Caitlin, we're stuck!" I was certain our entire group was lost in the deepest corner of a dirt cave. [I'm pretty sure most caves are stone, however this particular cave was dirt.] As the leader of our team, I felt very responsible to bring each person to safety. So I grabbed my pillow and I immediately began beating at the walls of the cave. Confused that the caves' walls were solid, I turned on my flashlight [yes, I kept a flashlight in my bed] and found myself to be a dreaming fool.
Too bad Caitlin slept throught it all and missed the adventure....

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